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    Jake Osier

    Pro Staff

    Jake was introduced into the Northern Michigan outdoors by his grandfather and father around 20 years ago. His passions are anywhere whitetails, turkeys, elk, coyote, fox, squirrel and fish can be found. Jake is a proud husband to his wife and an amazing father to his boys!

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    Marissa Estatio

    Pro Staff

    Growing up on Long Island in a family of falconers, she always felt out of place with her friends. For the majority of her life she was embarrassed by the lifestyle, until she started hunting and finding more people like her. She even starting a Long Island female hunting group! Hunting has made her feel more like herself than ever! She can’t wait to see what hunts her future holds!

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    Nick Cupan

    Pro Staff

    Born and raised in Northeast Ohio. Nick lives for sustaining quality deer management. Letting the little ones walk and focusing on mature deer is his mindset. He loves hunting, fishing, and being out in God’s country. He self-films and looks forward to laying down some quality footage!

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    John Robydek

    Pro Staff

    John's life revolves around his family, hunting, firefighting, and working out (in that order). He's been hunting since he was 13 years old when he harvested his first turkey with his fathers shotgun. Him and his wife are proud parents to their beautiful daughter. Turkey hunting is what he lives for but also loves hunting whitetail deer, waterfowl, coyote, and elk.

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    Justin Cook

    Pro Staff

    Justin grew up, and still lives in South China, Maine. Hunting has been a passion in his life for as long as he can remember. He currently holds the Maine state record for his archery black bear weighing in at 540 lbs. (featured in his profile picture).  Deer are his favorite animal to pursue because they are such a challenge. Whether it's hunting, scouting, or just being in nature Justin is as serious as they come. It's not just his hobby, it's his obsession! 

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    Johanna Rossi

    Pro Staff

    Jojo has been hunting since she was 16 years old. Born and raised in Florida, is where her passion for hunting grew. She loves hunting all types of animals but turkeys are her favorite. Her husband and her love to travel around to hunt different big game animals. They have two dogs they are training to blood track deer, which is a new adventure and keeps them busy. 

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    Nick Pierce

    Pro Staff

    Born and raised in Western NY, his father introduced him to hunting at a young age. Nick enjoys chasing whitetails during the fall and long beards in the spring. Anytime else he's out on the water fishing. He's thankful that God and his family allow him to pursue his passion for the outdoors! 

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    Jayden Hatcher

    Pro Staff

    Jayden is 21 years old and he's from Southern Illinois. He has been involved in hunting since he was 4 years old as his father introduced him to it. Jayden spends his time hunting waterfowl, whitetail, and turkeys all over the states. He self films and is ready to bring some quality footage to R'nA. 

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    Jake Saulsgiver

    Pro Staff

    His life consists of his family, hunting, fishing, and dogs. Jake is mostly into big and small game hunting but, makes time to train his bluetick for raccoons and yellow lab for bird hunting. His favorite things about hunting are checking trail cams and watching new deer on the property.

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    Chloe Alcazar

    Pro Staff

    Born and raised in Colorado, Chloe has been hunting since she was 5 years old. She has a strong passion for turkey hunting but she also enjoys big game such as deer and elk. As a fifth generation hunter in her family, it's important to her to share her lifestyle through social media, blogs, and videos. Her goal is to continue educating others about conservation and to never stop hunting. 

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    Greg Hopkins

    Pro Staff

    Greg is a proud husband and father to 4 kids. Taking his wife and kids out hunting is something he loves to do. Greg has been hunting for roughly 20 years now and bowhunting 10 of those. He has been filming for 5 plus years and has been addicted to it ever since. The thing he’s most passionate about is whitetail deer and wildlife management.

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    Sam Burham

    Pro Staff

    Sam resides in Western New York. His family, hunting and fishing are his life, but his true passion comes after the harvest. He is an up and comer in the taxidermy industry with dreams of success. We look forward to him putting out not only hunting videos but some DIY taxidermy videos.

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    Zach Ford

    Pro Staff

    Zach has been an avid outdoorsman for as long as he can remember. Hunting in Kentucky, he targets mainly deer and turkey but will hunt anything in season. Zach self films and is looking forward to bring everyone quality content. He thanks God everyday for the opportunities we as hunters get to spend in the field and on the water.

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    Dakota Stanfill

    Pro Staff

    Dakota is a proud husband and father of 2 that lives in Kentucky. God, family, and the outdoors is his focus in life. He loves raising his kids the way he was raised. With the same respect, admiration, and love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors that was instilled in him. Dakota has his camera ready to show the viewers what hunting is all about!

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    Cade Williams

    Pro Staff

    Cade was born and raised in the great state of Ohio! He grew up loving the outdoors, hunting, and fishing with friends and family. At the age of 8 he shot his first deer and has been hooked ever since. Self filming along with being an avid bowhunter makes him a perfect fit for R'nA! 

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    Justin McInnis

    Pro Staff

    Justin is from Fayette, Maine. He's been bow hunting for over a decade and still loves it as much as the first day he started. Being from Maine, Justin has the luxury of hunting many different species of animals. Some of his favorites to hunt are whitetail deer, moose, and black bear. We are excited to have him a part of  Run 'n Arrow!

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    Don Whitlock

    Pro Staff

    Don now resides in Stamping Ground, Kentucky. Growing up in Mississippi he always enjoyed the great outdoors. He has been hunting ever since he was a little boy and started self-filming his hunts about 10 years ago. Don is an avid outdoorsman that hunts a variety of game including deer (his favorite), turkey, squirrel, duck, coyote, dove, etc... He also loves to hunt for artifacts and coins in the off seasons! 

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    Hunter Hoek

    Pro Staff

    Hunter has been hunting and fishing since he was old enough to stumble into a tree stand or boat. Being born and raised in Ellijay, GA. Hunter has had plenty of opportunities to be in the outdoors. Hunter's father was his biggest influencer and started that passion in him. Now, he lives for the thrill of the hunt!

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    Steven Richter

    Pro Staff

    He’s a backwoods boy, that grew up hunting his family farm in Central Missouri. Steven now lives and hunts mostly in West Central Illinois. The three most important things to him are God, Family, and hunting. Really excited to have him a part of the team!

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    Zack White

    Pro Staff

    Zack was introduced to hunting by his father when he was 7 years old. He hunts in Kentucky on his grandfathers land where he killed his first buck while hunting with his mother. His very passionate about hunting whitetail, turkey, coyote, squirrel, and fishing. He started filming in 2019 and he can't wait to bring the action to Run 'n Arrow!

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    Cameron Walls

    Pro Staff

    Cameron is from central Kentucky and he lives and breathes for the great outdoors. When he's not hunting he's spending most of his off time preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons. His favorite animals to pursue are whitetail deer with his bow. Filming has become as much as an addiction as hunting so he's a perfect fit with our team!

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    Joshua Roper

    Pro Staff

    Joshua grew up in South Florida, born and raised on the ocean. Where he chased everything from inshore snook and redfish to trolling for pelagic fish with his family. In his early 20's he moved to Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. There he replaced his passion for fishing with chasing whitetails, turkey, dove, and small game. He's big on getting others out to enjoy the awesome blessings from God!

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